Payment method

Payment is as follows:



Wechat Payment - Adding Customer Service Wechat Sending Style Diagram

to Customer Service to Verify whether there is a spot, and then directly

transfer to Customer Service by Wechat after confirmation

WeChat! (Recommend this method of payment, the latest style of

promotional activities will be updated in the first time in the Wechat circle of




Alipay payment - add WeChat customer service to get Alipay account, then

transfer to customer service designated Alipay account and transfer

screenshots.To customer service!



Microshop Guaranteed Payment - Adding Customer Service to Acquire

Microshop Links to Customer Service Designated Links Under Order Payment

Funds by Third Party Guarantee Payment!

(micro stores support credit card, WeChat, Alipay and other payment




Taobao Payment - This payment method is currently only open to regular

customers! (Hong Kong and Taiwan recommend this method of payment)



Bank Transfer - Add Wechat Customer Service to get bank account transfer

or remittance to designated account, and arrange for payment to be issued




Western Union Remittance - Add Wechat Customer Service to Get Receiver

Information (Use this Payment Method globally)



Note: PayPal payment method is not supported (it is not accepted if you

need to use this payment method)


Customer Service Microsignal: 1803180020



Delivery instructions:


China chooses to send Shunfeng Express or Santong Express (default to

send Santong package, if need to send Shunfeng Express, freight payable)


Hong Kong and Taiwan use special lines or Shunfeng Express (2-4 days)


EMS or DHL Express is used globally (about a week's service globally)