Problem solving

1. Can I pay on delivery?


Answer: No, because the industry is special, and if payment on delivery is

made, the logistics company will charge 3-5% of the handling fee, and the

payment will be settled one month later. In order to speed up the capital

turnover, we do not support payment on delivery.




2. Is there any reason for refund for 7 days?


Answer: No, after all the bags are sold, if there is no quality problem, they

will not be returned or replaced. The quality problem is limited to the same

item and the same color.




3. How long will the shipment take after placing the order?


Answer: Orders are usually placed before 4 p.m. and can be delivered on

the same day. Order after four o'clock and deliver next day. (Except in

special cases, such as heavy rains in Guangzhou, or warehouse explosions)




4. Who pays the freight for refund and exchange?


Answer: Because of the quality problems, the freight will be paid by us (only

three-way and one-way express delivery). In other cases, the freight will be

paid by the customers.




5. How about the quality of your bags?


Answer: Generally speaking, we only make original leather bags. The quality

is very close to the genuine products, which basically represents the top

quality source in Guangzhou.




6. What packages do bags usually carry?


Answer: All our bags are only equipped with dust-proof bags. If you need a

complete set of Hong Kong counter packages (boxes, handbags, invoices),

you need to buy another package (price 40 yuan a set). In addition, the

wallet-belt, by default, is equipped with the original packaging box.




7. Can your family take Taobao when placing orders?


Answer: We are not Taobao Shop at present. The reason is very simple, the

industry is special, all kinds of restrictions on Taobao, all kinds of strikes, all

kinds of risks (professionals understand), so we are currently paying before





8. How soon will your new model be updated?


Answer: Basically, our Wechat will launch new models every day, following

the steps of Hong Kong and European counters. Generally, we will start

shipping 2-3 weeks after the special counters have the goods. In addition,

we are in the counter to buy genuine bag open mold production, high cost,

special channels to import the original leather and hardware, only to make

the best quality bag, and line and cherish!




9. What's the scale of your company? Is it a good B?


Answer: At present, we are OK, not too small. After several years, we have

accumulated a little. As for whether it's a cow? There are several people who

make bags and drive super sports cars in Baiyun. We can only count as a

small team, but we always insist on selling bags with our heart.




10. Does the picture on the website have color difference with the object of

the bag?


Answer: All the pictures on the website are taken from stock, but due to the

problems of camera and lighting, occasionally there will be a small range of

color difference, which is normal. But the color is absolutely the same as the

official counters, counters do not have color, we will not do it.




11. Can local customers in Guangzhou trade face to face?


Answer: You can trade face to face, but not recommended! Because we

have to deliver a lot of goods every day, if every customer we have to

arrange a younger brother to deliver goods to you, we will waste a lot of

manpower and material resources, especially in the case of delivery

congestion, sometimes the time is 1-2 hours slow, it is also normal.




12. Can you deliver them one by one?


Answer: Yes. Delivery on behalf means that on the courier's list, the

sender's name and telephone number are written in the sender's column

(please follow the customer service instructions when placing the order).