About Us

The main business of Milan Station is the sale of unused and second-hand branded handbags. The retail

network covers Hong Kong, China and Macau. According to the Synovate Report, the Group is a market

leader. In 2009, it ranked first among independent retailers of the top five luxury brand handbags in

Hong Kong, both in terms of sales and sales. The Milan station has a history of nearly 10 years. Since

the opening of the first "Milan Station" retail store in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong in 2001, the Group has

established a retail network in Hong Kong. In 2007, Milan Station expanded its business to Macau and

further moved to China in 2008. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Group's opening, it

announced its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (No. 1150) and became the only second-hand

branded handbag trading platform listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Today, the Group sells more than 20 handbag brand brands and more than 30 other product brands

under the two brands “Milan Station” and “France Station”.

As a pioneer in mastering the transformation of urban lifestyles (such as limited storage space, urban

people often selling second-hand products to frequently change brands and styles, and environmental

awareness), Milan Station makes luxury brand handbags easier to obtain and buy.

Since its inception, Milan has been focusing on retail second-hand luxury handbags and expanding its

range of products to other luxury brands. The Group supplies unused and used handbags, clothing,

footwear, watches and other accessories.