Return principle

We summarize the questions that new customers often ask as follows

(novice must read)


How to deal with the return and exchange of goods?


1. Please contact our online customer service before returning the goods.

Our after-sales staff will review the application for returning the goods.


2. After the examination, the after-sales personnel will inform the specific

return methods (return address, consignee, return route);


3. Upon receipt of your returned goods, we will carry out quality inspection

and return and exchange operations (exchange or refund).


When returning goods, it is necessary to send back all the accessories

(dustproof bags, wrapping plastic paper, gifts, etc.) of the relevant bags,

and to fill in the return note to inform the user name, order number, refund

account number and so on, so as to handle the refund as quickly as



The refund shall be processed within 1 to 3 working days after the receipt

and verification of the refund. Sorry, it can not be processed at any time

according to the user's request.


Return and exchange instructions:


The original quality does not support unreasonable replacement

1. All non-quality items on the original list will not be returned or replaced.

2. Quality problems are limited to the same style and color, not to other

brands, other styles (this should be paid special attention to)

3. Before returning or changing goods, we must contact customer service

and take photos to clarify the problem. After confirmation, we will send the

goods back to your address.


4. All exchanges will be delivered by three-way and one-way service

(advance courier fee), refusing to receive payment.

5. Exchange of goods, we need to maintain the integrity of the original

packaging, can not affect the second sale, the handle film must not be

removed (if the dismantlement can only be treated as old bags, will not be

returned for replacement), every month there will be a small number of

newcustomers because of this conflict, we must pay attention to this rule!


Principles of Quality Problems

1. Freight charges for quality problems shall be borne by our shop. Freight

charges for non-quality problems and handling charges shall be borne by the


2. Because shooting light may cause a little color difference between the

product picture and the real object, it is not a quality problem.

3. Special sale promotion, non-quality problems, incomplete purchase

procedures and other goods that do not conform to the policy of return and

exchange are not allowed to be exchanged.


4. Strict definition of quality problems, based on industry standards and

factual basis, can not achieve the perfect degree of handicraft products.

Problems caused by improper use, abnormal deformation and damage, or

improper maintenance are not quality problems.